Friday, 22 May 2009

All About Us at Discovered Authors

Our 'Once upon a time' moment happened in 2005 when ex-Random House Director Graham Miller founded Discovered Authors.

Operating from our joint premises in West London, Discovered Authors has offices, printing and binding facilities all under one roof.

We support writers and thinkers who are not afraid to do things their own way, test literary boundaries and impose their own rules on the publishing world. But above all, our ambition is to support writers everywhere who have a passion and desire to see their work in print, whatever their aspirations.

We want to help people understand the world of publishing so that they are able to take it into their own hands and define their own corner of it; to democratize and create the freedom for people like us to do what we love – that is to write, read and generally wallow in beautifully and imaginatively crafted books.

Join our group to discover our little corner of the world and the books that fill it; and maybe you'll find some new authors, or just want to voice your thoughts...

The Team at DA