Tuesday, 23 June 2009

DA Events and Interviews...

Hi all! We hope you're all glued to the television while Wimbledon is on this week!
But if you're not, and if you're living in the North Wales region, we have an event or two over the next few days.

EJ Barton, our youngest author at just eighteen, will be dropping into Borders Cheshire Oaks in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, on Wednesday 24th, and Waterstones in Llandudno on Thursday 25th June.
Wednesday will see her in Borders from 6pm, and Thursday will see her in Waterstones from 5.30pm
She will be reading from her novel, 'Instinct', and likely signing some copies! So catch her before she leaves for University!

She was also interviewed by 'Young Conwy', a website designed to give the Youth of Conwy updates on the local 'scene' - new bands, new writing, and festivals in the area to name a few.
You can read the interview on the 'Young Conwy Website' - www.youngconwy.com (in Conwy 2)
The link is on our blog page!

Also, and of which I forgot to mention in last week's blog, Danny Gillan has had his novel 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow' reviewed. The link for the review, as well as an interview from Danny himself (done at midnight!) is here;


It's also linked on the blog page links!

That's all for now! Keep writing, and enjoy the sunshine.

The Team at DA

Thursday, 18 June 2009

DA Highlights for the Summer Solstice

Another Day, another Blog where the highlights of DA are up for a glance!

We have some great events coming up over the next few days, and all in time for a warm, sunny Solstice.

One of DA's authors has his 'Unleash the Book Inside' Workshop running today (and yesterday) in amongst the Surrey Hills.
Established and run by Tom Evans, author of 100 Years of Ermintrude; a book that is "beautifully crafted, sensitive and enlightening... a breath of fresh air to the poetry arena" (from Discovered Authors' 'About the Book'), the workshop was set up to combat writers' block as well as showing how to go from concept to published author.

"If you know you have a book inside you that's dying to get out but have felt held back in the past, now is the time to break through the barriers and learn a whole new set of tools and techniques for unleashing the book inside you"

You can check out the website for more details - www.thebookwright.com, but if you've missed this workshop, never fear, as these workshops are run throughout the year with the next one available to book in September.


Date: 23rd & 24th September
Venue: The Hurtwood Inn, Walking Bottom, Peaslake, Surrey, G5 9RR
Time: 9:45am to 4:30pm both days (with optional evening creativity walk on the 23rd September at 5:00pm)
Cost: £297 inc. VAT - this includes lunch, refreshments and course materials.

Contact Tom Evans on his website: www.thebookwright.com
He is also on Twitter, so for those in the 'twitterati' like ourselves, check out www.twitter.com/thebookwright

For those of you in the Essex area, we have been privy to an exciting event...
Darren Couchman, author of 'One Lump or Two' and the main man behind behind The Testicle Tour, tells us of a new men's clothing shop opening on Saturday 20th June. Opening at 9am in Frinton-onSea (situated at the end of Connaught Avenue in the Shopping Arcade), its launch is supporting The Testicle Tour and Everyman by donating 10% of the first day's sales to the charity.
Paige Augur, the owner of Manroes, will not be stopping there. She will place collecting tins around the shop until they are full, and plans on taking part in the Charity Walk around London on the 11th of July.
As Darren says (and we shout alongside!) "Come down and grab yourself some great clothes or perhaps buy some for your old man... after all, it is Father's Day on Sunday, so not only will you be getting him a great gift, you'll also be supporting our 'Testicular Cancer Campaign'!"
Great News Darren!

That's all from us for now! Here's to a sunny Summer Solstice! You may be spending it relaxing with your feet up in the back garden (a book in one hand, an ice-cold drink in the other), heading out to the Countryside or the Coast, or just visiting family.

Whatever the plans, have a sunny Solstice!

The Team at DA

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tube Strike

We may have suffered the cramped, over-crowding of buses and overground trains, but we made it in to the office.
Books are being printed, shops are being called, manuscripts are being read, and we're braving the rain to go catch a cup of coffee. Me may be a few down, but Discovered Authors will not be beaten from getting into work on time!

Here's to all you who managed to bear the London Travel chaos!
And to all you on your computers, here's a website for free fancy fonts; http://www.fontfreak.com
Downloadable on Windows and Macs.

The Team at DA

Friday, 5 June 2009

DA Author attends Rufford Book Festival

New DA Diamond Author, John Baird, will be attending the Rufford Book Festival! From 13th to 14th of June, as a member of New Writers UK, John will be giving a talk about how to write a short story.
His debut novel, Chasing Shadows, is set to be published this Autumn, and launched at the New Writers UK Festival in September. The Rufford Book Festival is held at the 'Rufford Abbey Country Park', a beautiful venue for Midsummer's Day! It is situated two miles south of Ollerton, 17 miles north of Nottingham on the A614 Nottingham - Doncaster Road.

If you want to know more, check out the New Writers UK Website - www.newwritersuk.co.uk (we've linked it in!)

We've got more events coming up too! Including a reading from Naomi Nielson's debut novel, 'Euan's Torch' at Borders London Colney tomorrow at 11.30am. Contact us to learn more!

The Team at DA

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Enjoying the Summertime

So much to say, too little time to say it in.
Well, Summer seems to finally be arriving, and with it some new Summer reads we hope you'll pick up in your local bookshop (or local laptop).
Peter St. John has his third novel in his series out - 'Gang Rivalry', a fictional tale of the troubles and trials of a war-torn orphan, but based on St. John's own experiences as an evacuee in World War II.
Helen Hollick also has her third novel in her series out today. 'Bring it Close' is the third voyage of Cpt. Jesamiah Acorne; pirate, rogue and rascal of the high seas. Along with his lover, and now fiancee, the witch-woman Tiola Oldstagh, he battles against the notorious blackguard, Blackbeard.
Check them out on our website!

Happy reading, and happy Summertime!

The Team at DA