Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Enjoying the Summertime

So much to say, too little time to say it in.
Well, Summer seems to finally be arriving, and with it some new Summer reads we hope you'll pick up in your local bookshop (or local laptop).
Peter St. John has his third novel in his series out - 'Gang Rivalry', a fictional tale of the troubles and trials of a war-torn orphan, but based on St. John's own experiences as an evacuee in World War II.
Helen Hollick also has her third novel in her series out today. 'Bring it Close' is the third voyage of Cpt. Jesamiah Acorne; pirate, rogue and rascal of the high seas. Along with his lover, and now fiancee, the witch-woman Tiola Oldstagh, he battles against the notorious blackguard, Blackbeard.
Check them out on our website!

Happy reading, and happy Summertime!

The Team at DA

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