Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Summer Office Hours

With the weather looking set to stay warm, we here at Discovered Authors have decided to set in place Summer Office Hours. These are from 7:30am to 3:00pm, so if like us you’re up with the sun, we’ll be answering your emails and calls a little earlier than usual over July and August. Of course, if you want to call or meet after 3:00pm, let us know!

Amidst the Summer heatwave, there are festivals and events aplenty. Wimbledon’s in its Semi-Finals (I hope you’ll be watching Andy Murray on Centre Court!), Glastonbury has come and gone, although highlights from the festival are on all week on BBC Two, Three and Four, and Radio 6.

This week, though, we have the London Literature Festival – from the 2nd to 16th July. DA won’t be at the festival this year, but next year’s definitely not off the books… who knows?

You can check out the line up on the Southbank Centre website (to the left on our blog page).

Also, being an avid reader of the Guardian Online (can’t stay away from the media section), anyone who writes short stories may be interested in this competition…

‘The Guardian Weekend Short Story Competition’: “Every August, The Guardian’s magazine publishes a selection of original fictions by some of the best authors writing today.”

The website to check out the details is below, and of course, linked onto our blog page.

They only accept one story (previously unpublished) per entrant, of 2000 words. The deadline is the 10th July! That’s only about a week away!

Happy July everyone! 

The Team at DA

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