Thursday, 13 August 2009

Summer Festivals and Events

To our followers, apologies for the break between entries. It seems our work is piling higher, our editing is never-ending, and of course we couldn't be happier! 
It does mean that we're starting to resemble white rabbits with pocket watches, running around like mad hatters... if anyone decides to drop by, please don't be surprised if you find random cups of tea and coffee, or the occasional dormouse.

Our events, likely compensating for the Edinburgh Book Festival up north, are popping up across the month (and into next). We had Helen Hollick up in Chingford on the 1st of this month, launching Bring it Close at The Bargain Bookshop. Our sources tell us it went quite well, with a few books being sold and friends being made, and the promise of more events there in the future...
I'm sure you can tell by the pictures on Helen's page - she's up there on the links list! 

We also have EJ Barton signing Instinct at Borders Cheshire Oaks on the 29th August from 2pm. There's details on their events page! 
She took a trip to Borders Cheshire Oaks last month and had a great time. The book is now being advertised on the website for the 'Teen Book Club', and she's been invited back for another event. Well done Emma! 

There's plans in motion to visit Nottingham next month. And no, not for a brief stint in Sherwood Forest, although there's certainly the temptation... any stories out there about Mr Hood not published? Anybody? 
No. Discovered Authors will be lodged in the County Hall in Nottingham on the 19th of September for the New Writers UK Festival, along with the launch of our newest DA Diamond; John Baird's 'Chasing Shadows'.
New Writers UK generously invited us up there to give talks on the Publishing scene - even giving us a room to set up base from. The Festival begins from 10am until about 4pm. We will be there before 10am, but please do check out details if you want to visit. There will be quite a few authors there, and if you dabble in the creative writing scene yourself, it should be a great event!

In other news, we have a few books out this month:

"Death's Door" by Jag Lall: published on 31st July   ISBN: 978-1-905108-78-7  
"Blotto McKay" by Jem Scales: to be published on 17th August   

Check them out on the Discovered Authors website and Amazon!

The Team at DA

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